Antq for Jaguar Neck

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11034-21 Smooth and lush, the Antiquity vintage Jaguar single coil pickups use calibrated Alnico 2 rod magnets and a custom coil wind to give you a round, warm tone in the neck and classic crisp, smooth Surf tone in the bridge. Our custom Antiquity aging process adds a sweetness to the vintage Jaguar single-coils’ already warm tone. The calibrated Alnico 2 rod magnets soften the treble attack to deliver a Surf tone without any harsh pick attack. This Antiquity Jaguar neck pickup is wound RWRP so that, when used together with the bridge model, they will be hum-canceling. These pickups are drop-in replacements for any Fender American Standard sized Jaguar pickup and will fit into the existing cover and claw. Hand built in our Custom Shop, these vintage Jaguar single coil pickups use Alnico 2 rod magnets, a custom coil wind with heavy formvar mag wire, cloth push-back lead wire, and they are all lacquered and wax potted like the originals.